Steel Valley Beacon

A well established group of local people who regularly meet and work together to present and perform music and dramas.

S.V.B. has close links with St. Ann's Church and usually hires the church hall for workshops and rehearsals.

The group is open to members of all ages and abilities. Talents and skills are shared in the activities which include drama, music, theatre production, art, design, script writing and professionally lead workshops.

Members support each other as they learn and work together. The members gain knowledge, experience and an appreciation of mutual support and respect.

A variety of productions have been staged in and around the local area, from new material written specially for the group to Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" which was performed at various venues in and around Stocksbridge during w/c 13th November 2006

For some scenes from this production click here

To find out more about the group contact : Ann Hall