Deanery Quiet Day 2009

Reflection on the Quiet Day

This was held at Mount St Mary's School at Barlborough on Sunday 29th March. The theme was "unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground." And about 110 people attended.

The day started with a talk by the keynote speaker, Nick Helm who is an Anglican priest and spiritual director to the Bishop of Sheffield. As part of his talk he gave each person an actual seed and asked them to place them in a container of soil. After this the people attending could choose from a number of themed workshops. Three of these concerned different approaches to prayer via meditation, reflection and contemplation on the scriptures. Others used art as a basis for prayer. A full cooked lunch was provided after which the workshops were held once again. The day closed with Mass.

The emphasis in this day is on 'quietness,' on simply being still and giving God the opportunity to speak to us and act within us rather than the traditional prayer approach of bombarding God with requests. (Cost = £10 per person)