The Good, the Bad and the Donkey

What a performance!

On the 16th and 17th of December over 40 youth from our parish performed to a full house. The story began with a beastly bunch of devils attempting to wreck the nativity having acquired 'The Nativity Itinery'. However, fortunately for us, two new and rather innocent young devils hindered their plans by constantly 'getting it wrong'. This coupled with the efforts of the beautiful angels led to Beelzebob giving up his fork after been assured that there's a little bit of good in everyone! A guest appearance from the ever popular dead donkey Neddy brought about a huge cheer, but the biggest cheer of all came about when Beelzebob handed over his fork to none other than our own parish priest! Unfortunately Bishop John had sent his apologies, but had he been there one wonders who would have got the fork!

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